Drawing from legendary folk and Americana influences while sprinkling her own glitter on every song she releases, Lauren Monroe puts forward a new classic with Messages From Aphrodite, a stunningly poised exploration of the human experience and the different forms of love we feel along the way.

While songs like the bouncy “Dream Again” and the heartwarming “Kiss Me Now” tackle romance in a more straightforward way, many tracks take on a more reflective approach on some of the strongest emotions we feel, joining together in a kaleidoscopic spectrum that everyone can find elements of themselves in.

“All of the songs in this collection are about love in its many forms,” Lauren told TREMG back in June. “I felt that bringing in the divine feminine was an important piece of the message. I think it’s quite apparent that our culture needs more awareness around the power of love from a higher feminine perspective. How to love, how to grieve, how to be in conflict, and how to dream and heal are guiding themes that are scribed and delivered throughout the album.”