Run with Wolves is out now! I hope it fills you with inspiration and love.

“Under the Wolf Moon is a cross genre album that reaches from the heart of americana, rootsy rock and soul that is supported by my own stories and experiences of guiding people as a healing artist and teacher.
The record is a collection of songs that can inspire, teach and heal us as we face the greatest emotional challenges of life.
Each song carries emotional and spiritual messages that can open our hearts.
How to trust, how to heal, how to die, how to love and overcome…”

Lauren Monroe

Every song is steeped with symbolism and teachings of healing and connecting to the inner knowing we all carry.”

Big Love EP available on:

Also available on Deezer, Napster and Tidal as well as Cherry Bomb Records. Click the button below to see all available outlets:

A vocalist, songwriter, musician, and author, Lauren creates a direct and personal experience of spiritual oneness and healing for audiences and students alike. Her work is an authentic expression of art and medicine that is created for healing and personal growth. Lauren’s voice and music can be heard on her album Under the Wolf Moon, Big Love EP, The Freedom Sessions, Oneness Chant, Raven Drum Circle, Chakra Chants, and in her book entitled “21 Ways To Resiliency”.