Can you show me what is kind? Are we brave enough to be kind?

Brave is an invitation to explore these questions — Can you show me what is kind? Where is the love? — and step into a life of empathic leadership. An invitation to take courageous steps into creating a society that holds compassion and tolerance at its core. This is my call-to-action song and I’m asking others to become bold with the intention of becoming unapologetically loving. I can’t think of a reason not to be ready, not to be emboldened by the cause of love. Bravery is what it’s going to take to speak, think and act in the name of love to reclaim our hope.

Featured Artists:
Javier Torres: Drums
Rick Allen: Tom-Toms/Shaker/Tambourine
Steve Ucello: Bass
Dylan Rose: Electric Guitar
Johnny Stachella (Allman Betts Band): Electric Guitar
Jon Graboff: Electric Guitar
John Ginty (Allman Betts Band, Dixie Chicks, Sedgewick): Piano/B-3
Tammi Brown: Vox Harmony
Jim Scott: Shaker/Tambourine
Lauren Monroe: Tom-Toms/Acoustic Guitar/Lead Vocal

Authentic. Poetic. Conscious. Raw.

Moved and inspired by artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt, and Janis Joplin, Lauren Monroe developed a style producers, musicians, and rock historians have compared to those legendary women of rock and blues. Her sound and vocal quality — raw, sawdust-on-the-floor honesty — combined with the emotional and spiritual power of her performance draws audiences in, invigorates, and speaks to us on so many levels.

MESSAGES FROM APHRODITE, Lauren Monroe’s third album—and her second in collaboration with acclaimed producer Jim Scott—widens the aperture opened by its predecessor, 2021’s Under the Wolf Moon, bringing her musical and spiritual vision into even sharper focus. The title, which references the ancient Greek goddess of love in its myriad aspects, signifies the emotional expanse of Monroe’s songs, to which she brings a rarefied degree of insight and compassion, enabling her to nimbly plumb the depths and scale the heights of the human condition in her songwriting.

Monroe brings increased awareness of issues like this one not only with her words but with her actions. Earlier this year, she and Allen played some intimate East Coast club dates during which they also displayed their mixed-media art, which was then auctioned online to benefit the couple’s Raven Drum Foundation, whose mission is to serve, educate and empower veterans dealing with PTSD and combat trauma, people in crisis and other at-risk individuals.