“Our world is experiencing a profound change, and as we look around, reflect, speak out and continue to impact our country and our global society we endeavor to take care of all of us.  It’s not a new perspective, compassionate understanding and respect for all humans, the earth and all livings creatures….you just have to look and listen to find it.” Lauren Monroe

Lauren Monroe. Singer, Songwriter, Healer, Teacher.  Lauren and her husband legendary Def Leppard Drummer Rick Allen are fierce and vocal advocates for social justice and over twenty years ago founded the Raven Drum Foundation and Project Resiliency, two highly acclaimed undertakings that promote healing and growth for veterans, individuals and families facing trauma and difficult life circumstances.

Created numerous charity foundations, 501(c)3’s and organizations worldwide that serve, educate and empower people in crisis. and the 20 years of serving communities in crisis through their Foundation, Project Resiliency;  Now, more than ever, Lauren’s commitment to healing, inspiration, community and resiliency continues as we approach May 2021: Mental Health Awareness Month.

2020 was a pivotal year for Lauren and Rick: and their response was swift and it was powerful.

Big Love Benefit Concerts was born: concepted and created by Lauren, inspired from her acclaimed single Big Love,  Big Love Benefit Concerts is a rapid response to the Covid-19 crises affecting their professional community. Their decades- long community outreach and healing events empowering individuals, veterans, and communities through music has touched lives around the world since 2002, and on January 23rd  2021,  the first Big Love Benefit aired:  providing  immediate financial and emotional health assistance to career musicians and industry workers.  At a time in which the music industry was reeling from the loss of touring and live performance leaving career musicians and music industry workers to struggle through this crisis while facing unprecedented loss of work;  100% of the proceeds raised benefitted the  Sweet Relief Musicians Fund  Appearences by Rick Allen, Lauren Monroe, Wynonna Judd, Billy Idol, Bret Michaels, Matt Sorum, Allman Betts and others resulted in an extraordinary concert.  The Big Love EP,  BIG LOVE VIDEO  by Lauren Monroe, and for which the benefit concert is named, was released over the summer during the first Covid-19 lockdowns, performed at New York Fashion Week 2020, and is a significant track on the LP “Under the Wolf Moon” released in July 2021.

The Mission of Big Love Benefit Concerts is to create and present world class entertainment and healing experiences through music and the arts for the sole purpose of raising awareness around mental health issues and financial support for people suffering around the world.  CLICK HERE FOR BIG LOVE FOUNDATION VIDEO.

“We endeavor on a daily basis, through our music and through our 501C3 Raven Drum Foundation Project Resiliency to serve, educate and empower people and communities recovering from crisis, We cannot envision a more important and useful way in which to give back”.
Lauren Monroe & Rick Allen

“Under the Wolf Moon is made up of 12 tracks that I feel have the power to bring us together… written from my heart…my own stories and my own experiences.   The record is a collection of songs that are written to inspire, teach and heal as we face all of the challenges of life.  The lyrics are, for me, the embodiment of the soul nourishing power of music to help us face adversity and each song carries emotional and spiritual messages that can open our hearts.  How to trust, how to heal, how to die, how to love and overcome……Every song is steeped with symbolism and teachings of healing and connecting to the inner knowing we all carry.

This album reflects that journey and our ability to grow and thrive with a deeper understanding of what love truly is.”
Lauren Monroe