“Write it out” one of my middle school teachers told me. “Write out your feelings Lauren.”

And I haven’t stopped writing since. Sometimes its like the words pour in from another time and space, already thought through, very clear and precise… like I am a scribe simply listening and writing down the words of an invisible voice. Other times I’m seeing pictures in a movie and am quickly trying to capture the essence of the scene flying by through descriptive imagery. I am hearing, seeing and experiencing within a waking dream that is asking to be realized. When the words find themselves and I grab them from the ethers, its like watching a dream being born. Words are powerful transformers. They can open a doorway that gives access to a souls path to healing.

So now, I continue to write. I write articles, books, songs. However the form, I write to express this awesome spiritual presence that continues to reveal messages of love so we all can experience our greatest selves.

21 Ways To Resiliency

“21 Ways To Resiliency”, a book Lauren authored in 2013 has touched the lives of so many, and made a significant impact on how we view and take control of our own personal path to healing.

21 Ways to Resiliency is an inspirational guide to empowerment supporting growth and connection through life’s changing times.

It is a book of healing that offers an introductory map of the paths you may take while climbing up into the steep unknown. How we ascend and arrive at the pinnacle of our own healing journey shapes who we are, how we grow, and ultimately how we become a resilient and happy person. 21 Ways to Resiliency is a launching pad for beginning again, rediscovering yourself and creating a new life after trauma.


“I wish I had guidelines like 21 Ways during the most difficult times in my life. Everyone can benefit from the insight in this book. It’s one of those books that you can pick up and read time after time to help you find inspiration and direction within yourself.”

~Rick Allen (Drummer, Def Leppard)

“When I suffered through my own trauma, I tried to do it alone and most of the time I was unsuccessful. This is the type of knowledge that I would have benefited from. It is so simple and clear in the messaging that it easily applies to anyone that has experienced trauma or difficult times in their own life. I now use this knowledge and share it with others I am trying to help.”

~ John Roberts
(evp. Warrior Relations. Wounded Warrior Project)

This digital download comes as a 95 page PDF.

Back To Earth Journal

Back To Earth is an inspirational photo journal that features a collection of photography from Rick Allen and healing messages from Lauren Monroe.

Rick says: “I’ve really been wanting to share with you my photography and healing concepts in a visual way, and so I’m very happy to announce the release of our first Digital Journal: Back To Earth! Lauren and I put a lot of soul into Back To Earth and hope you will all really get something out of it.”

The “Desktop” or “Side-By-Side” version is formatted for viewing on a screen or TV. This allows you to easily see two pages at once and is how it was intended to be viewed.

The “Mobile” or “Vertical” version is formatted for viewing one page at a time and is intended for those on mobile phones and other “thin screen” devices.

This digital download comes as a 22 page PDF.