Set against the backdrop of the mighty Pacific, Lauren Monroe‘s latest song “Sparrow” teaches us to grieve. Monroe is both a singer-songwriter, a mental health advocate, and a healing artist who uses music to help us all reach greater understandings of ourselves and our loved ones. Monroe’s upcoming album, Messages From Aphrodite, focuses on love in all of its forms.

In addition to her music, Monroe and her husband, drummer Rick Allen of Def Leppard, founded the Raven Drum Foundation, which supports veterans coping with PTSD and others living through trauma. “Sparrow” reflects those themes of healing and wanting to support others going through tough times — Monroe said she was inspired to write it out of empathy for others who have lost loved ones in tragedies.

“My grandfather taught me everything about nature,” Monroe reflects. “The variety of trees we had on our land, the birds, the animals, the flowers. He taught me how to listen so I could know what bird was singing, He taught me how to feel so the wind could tell me if the rain was coming.”