Music is a universal language that can be understood by all of us no matter what country we are from, what our background is, or what kind of faith we have. It has a powerful potential to bring us together. I learned this through my travels and study around the world.

I use music as a vehicle to help others access their soul.

Human beings have the ability to connect to a higher intelligence and break through the limitations that our everyday norms create. So many of us get wrapped up in our minds and in our emotions that we ignore the deepest insight and intelligence of our soul.

Music can be a common way for us to distract us from ourselves, our challenges, our fears, but it’s my intention to create the opposite. I want to create a musical experience that empowers others to embrace what’s going on inside and to feel it so that they can expand from it.

Run with Wolves is out now! I hope it fills you with inspiration and love.

“Under the Wolf Moon is a cross genre album that reaches from the heart of americana, rootsy rock and soul that is supported by my own stories and experiences of guiding people as a healing artist and teacher.
The record is a collection of songs that can inspire, teach and heal us as we face the greatest emotional challenges of life.
Each song carries emotional and spiritual messages that can open our hearts.
How to trust, how to heal, how to die, how to love and overcome…”

Lauren Monroe

Every song is steeped with symbolism and teachings of healing and connecting to the inner knowing we all carry.”

Big Love EP available on:

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“Big Love is a song I felt I had to write and record. It’s my anthem and I trust it. It represents my heart and my soul, and defines this moment in time. Hopeful. Strong. Healing.

Our world is experiencing a profound change, and as we look around, reflect, speak out and continue to impact our country and our global society we endeavor to take care of all of us. It’s not a new perspective….you just have to look and listen to find it.

I have written about the potential in all of us. We are a diverse group, the composition of which represents all that we have in common. We differ by gender, sexual orientation, by the color of our skin and by our individual ideology, ethnicity and spiritual guidance.
We are, however, a singular humanity. We truly are: BIG LOVE”.

~Lauren Monroe

Music Creates Powerful Change: A significant portion of the proceeds from Big Love will be donated back to Project Resiliency via Lauren & Rick’s charity foundation the Raven Drum Foundation. Lauren is a fierce and vocal advocate for social justice and many years ago founded the Raven Drum Foundation and Project Resiliency, two highly acclaimed undertakings that promote healing and growth for veterans, individuals and families who face trauma and difficult life circumstances.

“Lauren Monroe is making music for all the right reasons…. to spread Love….to teach….to heal……. to inspire. Lauren is a very versatile songwriter. She writes in many different styles and creates really important songs that speak of humanity. She writes songs about everything from love to death to dancing to clouds. She takes you on a journey.
She is an emotional Artist and has taught me so much about passion in music. ”

~Jim Scott

“Spending a few hours randomly playing music on Soundcloud on a lazy Sunday, I stumbled upon Lauren Monroe. Wow! This is a spectacular new artist who I’ve never heard about until now. Listening to this sneak preview of her new Ep ‘Big Love”.. slated for release in the summer of 2020, I was entranced, surprised and seduced by the unexpected musical treasures unveiled. “Everybody’s fine living in anger, from sunset to dawn they’re taking it to home” sings Lauren Monroe on “Big Love,” the transcendent opening track on her new album, whose powerful message reverberates, hits hard and stays with us long after the song is over, capturing the current zeitgeist and how we navigate these troubled times in hopes of a an all-encompassing big love to overcome hate and division and be our savior.”

~Ken Sharpe

June is PTSD Awareness month, a time we can all learn and reflect on the many people who suffer and how we can help them and love them.

This is a live performance video of The Color Of Snow with the emotional story of the songs meaning and how it relates to so many people who suffer with PTSD. Enjoy the performance and please keep close the great suffering of our wounded warriors and first responders, they need our support..🙏💜 Love, Lauren

By Lauren Monroe and Rick Allen

Music for Meditation, Healing and Peace
Single Release titled “Oneness Chant” written and performed by Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe.

“Oneness Chant” is a chant, and musical rhythm track for healing and peace with sanskrit vocals by Lauren Monroe and Drum and Percussion Rhythms by Rick Allen. Produced by Allen, “Oneness Chant” brings the listener into deep states of peace and connectivity using tempos and sounds that awaken the heart and quiet the mind so the listener can experience a direct and personal healing.

“The “Oneness Chant” is incredible — a masterpiece of sacred and healing sounds.
Sonically, it is beautiful and enchanting. Vibrationally, it is encoded with wonderful energies of Light & Love through Sound that transport the listener to realms of tranquility and bliss!”

Jonathan Goldman
Creator of “Chakra Chants”
Director, Sound Healers Association

Music Playlist


Folktale-Color Of Snow

The Live Single, The Color of Snow is available on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music and more!

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What people are saying about Lauren Monroe Live

“Lauren is a story teller whose lyrics transsend  into visual context. I can actually visualize the story of the song. Her music also brings a spiritual uplifting for the hurting soul.  She is  just amazing.”

-Dr. S. Michael, Pikeville KY

“Beautiful talent and songs! I love the depth.  I love what she sang about as I could connect to those times in my life.  Beautiful, soulful voice.”

-Sara C., San Diego CA

“The whole evening was very moving. Lauren is Strong. Beautiful. Spiritual. Creative. Tender and Fierce. .And Color of Snow rocked me. That is one incredible song.”

-Cornelia H., Monterey CA

“Lauren Monroe’s music is captivating. I was immediately drawn into the lyrics and felt her heart and soul speaking to me. She’s emotionally attached to everything she sings and I couldn’t help myself and was brought to tears. I was also so happy to see her let loose and get lost in the happy songs. Her whole performance took me on an unexpected journey that I cannot wait to go on again.”

-Jill C., Miami FL

“A little over a year ago Lauren Monroe and Rick Allen hosted an event for Wounded Warriors that featured a concert hosted by Lauren whom I had never seen perform in person. This was beyond a concert it was a coming together of people to share the common respect and understanding for our troops that came back from war not the way they left . This was not just someone getting up on stage and singing to us, Lauren pulled you into a place with her tales , lyrics and beautiful presentation that brought me to tears a few times.

I am a Viet Nam vet and since I returned fifty years ago I have never listened to a person with such passion that shows she really cares for all the wounded soldiers mentally or physically ;to me this was the WELCOME HOME I never experienced because of the protest. Lauren’s music is gentle and soothing that gave me comfort like some sort of therapy while at the same time it expressed the drive and determination she has to make sure all the wounded heal at least mentally . ”

-Jon A., Monterey CA

“Attending Lauren’s performance at Folktale Winery in Carmel, we were entranced by her vocal presence for the very first time.  Lauren’s rich, gorgeous voice envelopes and guides the listener towards healing and feeling welcome in her presence.  The lyrics for The Color of Snow,  Blaze, My Love, Love Won’t Let Me Down prove there can be beauty in the ashes of our lives.  She is surrounded by amazing musician’s and background vocals which results in a powerful journey that brings forth empowerment and hope each time her songs are listened to.  Having the honor of knowing two of the musicians in the Color of Snow recording personally, the level of synergy and talent her band brings is a beautiful foundation for her voice to transcend and send a strong message of love and hope to the listener.  No matter the genre one listens to, Lauren’s music is worth exploring and adding to your playlist!”

-Marta F., Salinas, CA

“A refreshing and energetic mix of rock and soulful ballads await you when listening to Lauren. She sings from the heart and touches your soul.”

– Stephen P., Middle Island NY

Lauren Monroe’s music is a gift to the soul! Her lyrics are infused with compassion, insight, and empathy for the human condition. Her songs are soulful, rich, and timeless. Her voice is the sound we didn’t know we were waiting for, a clarion call for the new decade. And she is one hell of a fantastic performer!

-Tom C., Kirklyn, PA

“My wife and I went to Lauren’s show not knowing what to expect. We were totally blown away with Lauren and her bands performance. Laurens voice is something special and inspiring. We hope to see her again sometime soon. It was cool to see her husband Rick Allen banging on the drums with her as well! ”

-Anthony G., Monterey, CA

“Lauren’s music always brings joy into my life, but seeing her live is inspirational! She commands deep attention, as her beautiful voice surrounds you with passion for everything in life. I love the styles of music she weaves into her songs and how the rhythms come alive through her strong connection with all the musicians on stage. I can’t wait for her next show!”

-Laurie S. Redwood City, CA