Music is a universal language that can be understood by all of us no matter what country we are from, what our background is, or what kind of faith we have. It has a powerful potential to bring us together. I learned this through my travels and study around the world.

I use music as a vehicle to help others access their soul.

Human beings have the ability to connect to a higher intelligence and break through the limitations that our everyday norms create. So many of us get wrapped up in our minds and in our emotions that we ignore the deepest insight and intelligence of our soul.

Music can be a common way for us to distract us from ourselves, our challenges, our fears, but it’s my intention to create the opposite. I want to create a musical experience that empowers others to embrace what’s going on inside and to feel it so that they can expand from it.

By Lauren Monroe and Rick Allen

Music for Meditation, Healing and Peace
Single Release titled “Oneness Chant” written and performed by Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe.

“Oneness Chant” is a chant, and musical rhythm track for healing and peace with sanskrit vocals by Lauren Monroe and Drum and Percussion Rhythms by Rick Allen. Produced by Allen, “Oneness Chant” brings the listener into deep states of peace and connectivity using tempos and sounds that awaken the heart and quiet the mind so the listener can experience a direct and personal healing.

“The “Oneness Chant” is incredible — a masterpiece of sacred and healing sounds.
Sonically, it is beautiful and enchanting. Vibrationally, it is encoded with wonderful energies of Light & Love through Sound that transport the listener to realms of tranquility and bliss!”

Jonathan Goldman
Creator of “Chakra Chants”
Director, Sound Healers Association

Raven Drum Circle CD by Rick Allen, Lauren Monroe


“Experiential Healing through Rhythm,” by Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe.

An interactive experience introducing the power of Rhythm as a path to healing through the practice of drumming, guided visualization and spiritual discovery.
Proceeds for the sale directly benefit the Raven Drum Foundation.

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