I have been an Activator in the world since I can remember; always looking to reach inside another person and help them bring out their light. When I was 8 I began giving healings to other children at school. It was very natural for me because I could see and experience their pain energetically and emotionally.

I’m an Italian girl from Queens, Raised by 1st and 2nd generation immigrants who had strong family values. I was also brought up Catholic and I wanted to be a priest as a little girl. Who knew that girls couldn’t be priests?

When I tried to speak about my clairvoyance I felt like I was speaking a language that was so foreign to so many, it became my mission to learn more about the spiritual world so I could share my experiences.

I began researching the science behind spirituality and was driven to find language to describe my experiences. I explored neuroscience, studied parapsychology, thanantology and somatic studies to help me articulate my understandings of spiritual and subtle energy. I studied with Benedictine Monks, Brazilian Shaman, Native American Medicine People, Maori Healers and Eastern Indian Saints. I had profound and life-changing experiences that opened my heart to love and compassion that I could never imagine. All of which have given me the insight and understanding that I share now.

I have been using my knowledge and skills of healing for over 25yrs to help others.
I work with individuals and groups in my private practice, hospitals, classrooms, VA’s, clinics, retreats and workshops and well as long distance healing for people across the globe. It is a calling in my life and a constant joy that I will always continue to learn and give from.

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Long Distant Spiritual Healing Sessions with Lauren
Long Distant Spiritual Healing Sessions with Lauren