I have been an Activator in the world since I can remember; always looking to reach inside another person and help them bring out their light. When I was 8 I began giving healings to other children at school. It was very natural for me because I could see and experience their pain energetically and emotionally.

I’m an Italian girl from Queens, Raised by 1st and 2nd generation immigrants who had strong family values. I was also brought up Catholic and I wanted to be a priest as a little girl. Who knew that girls couldn’t be priests?

When I tried to speak about my clairvoyance I felt like I was speaking a language that was so foreign to so many, it became my mission to learn more about the spiritual world so I could share my experiences.

I began researching the science behind spirituality and was driven to find language to describe my experiences. I explored neuroscience, studied parapsychology, thanantology and somatic studies to help me articulate my understandings of spiritual and subtle energy. I studied with Benedictine Monks, Brazilian Shaman, Native American Medicine People, Maori Healers and Eastern Indian Saints. I had profound and life-changing experiences that opened my heart to love and compassion that I could never imagine. All of which have given me the insight and understanding that I share now.

I have been using my knowledge and skills of healing for over 25yrs to help others.
I work with individuals and groups in my private practice, hospitals, classrooms, VA’s, clinics, retreats and workshops and well as long distance healing for people across the globe. It is a calling in my life and a constant joy that I will always continue to learn and give from.

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Long Distant Spiritual Healing Sessions with Lauren
Long Distant Spiritual Healing Sessions with Lauren

Compassion Practice

As we move into creating a new paradigm for compassion and equality we will need a continual practice to keep our hearts open to our emotions and connections to one another. Here is a wonderful focused heart practice from Heart Math we all could benefit from.

The power of collective prayer, meditation or any focused practice that creates a heart-coherent energetic field can facilitate this transition into equality, justice and fairness as a new norm. Radiating love, compassion and care through the heart’s energetic field helps ourselves and others to forgive hurts and histories of old, so that fresh starts can be made, and new, more effective solutions can emerge.

  1. Breathe feelings of compassion and love through your heart area for a few minutes to set a calm and genuine tone.
  2. Feel your heart connecting with others across the planet who are sending love and care to all those supporting equality.
  3. Let’s start by radiating love and compassion to the family of George Floyd and the many other families who have lost loved ones or suffer from racial injustice.
  4. Next, send heartfelt care and support to all people, races and nations who are enduring oppression and fear for their safety. While doing this, visualize the effects of the Black Lives Matter movement paving the way for hope, justice and equality for them as well.
  5. Now, imagine radiating calm and peace from your heart into the collective energetic field to help soften the tension between police and protestors and to reduce violence from anger, resentment and fear, so that new solutions can emerge.
  6. Let’s close by seeing ourselves and others realizing the importance of continually practicing heart‑basedqualities, including respect, kindness, deeper listening, compassionate care, and forgiveness to empower this transition into justice and fairness for all.

If we radiate love and care to even a few of these steps each day, as we can, our contribution to the wholeness becomes more effective.
Doing these heart exercises will support the co‑creation of the world we want to live in.

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