Lauren Monroe on the Necessity of BIG LOVE and Global Healing

– An in-depth INTERVIEW with an Altruistic ROCK Star

We’re in 2020 right now, and from a bird’s eye view, it is evident that things are not the way nature intended them to be.  The answers to all of our questions and solutions are right in front of us, underneath our feet, and above us – all we need to do is slow up, focus, and connect humanely to start the healing process.  Music is one tool that gets the ball rolling in the direction to heal because it is universal in transcending genders, languages, and cultures.  One artist that is creating music that encompasses this type of healing is Lauren Monroe.  I had the honor to interview this altruistic Rock star.  In this in-depth interview, fans will see how this singer, songwriter, musician, activist, and humanitarian, is placing down footprints for society to follow with her music.  Her latest album, Big Love, which releases today, musically illustrates how one BIG love has the ultimate power to heal.