How does it work?

Long Distance Healing works through a connection of the Healer and the Receiver where the Healer uses their higher senses, intuition or clairvoyant gifts to remotely connect with receivers subtle mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies and soul.

A healing session is an agreement made by the Healer and Receiver to work together in discovering roots of pain or suffering in order to restore health and balance in the body, the mind and the soul. The Healer then uses their intention and seeing skills to connect with the Higher Soul or what is also called the Over Soul of the Receiver.

Long Distance healing sessions are scheduled interactive phone sessions lasting 45-60 minutes. The healing work focuses on spiritual, emotional, and mental release, restoration and balancing.

Sessions also work with bringing into view intergenerational and transgenerational trauma that is passed down through generations that may be contributing distress or disease.

Each session begins with an overview of current health, and then move into guided meditation and visualizations, to facilitate the release of energy and support healing. Lauren uses her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, automatic writing, as she connects with her client’s Oversoul and spiritual centers. Breath work and music is also a part of the session.

Following the work clients are given space to share and ask questions.

Issues of trauma, PTSD, spiritual disconnection, depression, anxiety, fear, and physical pain, are some of the areas that can benefit from the type of healing Lauren provides.

Sessions with Lauren are always created in a confidential a sacred space.  Lauren’s work is non denominational and embraces all religious faiths to assist clients in their healing process.

Here are a few notes to ensure the most conducive environment for your session:

  • Create a quiet setting (your favorite room, private space)
  • Be comfortable (Lie down or sit in a cozy chair)
  • Make sure all cell phones and technical devices are off or on Airplane mode
  • Include a minimum of 10 min time after your session to be still and be with yourself. This is very important, and will support your process with the opportunity to integrate the beautiful work that was done during your session.