Over 25 years ago, I began researching the science behind spirituality and healing and was driven to find language to describe my experiences. I explored neuroscience, parapsychology, thanatology, and somatic studies to help me articulate my understanding of spiritual and subtle energy. I have studied with Benedictine Monks, Brazilian shamans, Native American Medicine People, Māori Healers, and Eastern Indian Saints. These profound and life-changing experiences awakened my heart and consciousness to the deepest love and compassion I could ever have imagined.

These insights gave me the understanding that influences my work now.

In, 2001, I cofounded the Raven Drum Foundation with my husband and drummer Rick Allen. The focus of the foundation is on Trauma Recovery, PTSD, crisis care, and suicide prevention. When we first started, out of necessity, we created healing events in schools, parks, behind Rick’s drum kit, and even on his tour bus! Over time, we saw this unique approach to sharing wisdom through rhythm was healing communities and creating transformation. This unconventional approach utilized energy medicine and music to bring empowerment.

Currently, my work focuses on designing mind-heart coherent healing through music, storytelling, and energy psychology, where transformation and spiritual connection are the prevailing themes. I am also recording a new studio album and crafting new musical healing productions that will be showcased throughout the United States and abroad. I am very excited to share these creations as they will cultivate a deep connective experience to music while educating audiences on their innate power to heal themselves and one another.

Raven Drum Foundation

Through a vision of reaching out to others with music and energy healing, founders Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe created the Raven Drum Foundation. From the very beginning events and workshops came from the desire to empower others through a meaningful shared experience of music and community. Programs were held in schools, parks, behind Rick’s drum kit and even on his tour bus.
The more their authentic work was shared, the more obvious it became that their unique approach in sharing wisdom and healing was so very needed in the community.