A singer – songwriter invested in the power of music as a means by which to advocate, to voice, to care and to heal.

Lauren Monroe MA LMT is a Musician, Healing Artist and Energy Healer using the mediums of music, art, writing, teaching and energy medicine. With husband Rick Allen, Iconic drummer of Def Leppard, she cofounded Project Resiliency and the Raven Drum Foundation and has been a noted advocate, teacher and highly-regarded healing professional of energy medicine and mindfulness for over 20 years with a focus on Trauma Recovery, PTSD, crisis care and suicide prevention.

Through Project-Resiliency’s Raven Drum Foundation Project Resiliency.org, Lauren has created a global livestream benefit concert. On January 23, 2021 the first BIG LOVE BENEFIT CONCERT aired providing immediate financial and emotional health assistance to career musicians and industry workers through beneficiary Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. The BIG LOVE VIDEO by Lauren Monroe, for which the benefit concert is named, was released over the summer during the first Covid-19 lockdowns, with song performances at New York Fashion Week 2020 and the Big Love Benefit Concert.

The prevailing theme underlying Lauren’s music, healing modalities and spiritual guidance is that of transformation…and that speaks to the core of where we are in the world today.  The transformative power of healing and that of taking on the challenge of the unimaginable stresses of a world significantly impacted by a global pandemic.

Awareness and Creative Compassion in the age of division and separateness

“Write it out” one of my middle school teachers told me. “Write out your feelings Lauren.”

I listened.  And I have not stopped writing since. Most often the words pour out…as though from another time and space, already thought through, very clear and precise… like I am a scribe simply listening and writing down the words of an invisible voice. Other times I’m seeing pictures in a movie and am quickly trying to capture the essence of the scene flying by through descriptive imagery. I am hearing, seeing and experiencing within a waking dream that is asking to be realized.  I write to express this awesome spiritual presence that continues to reveal messages of love so we all can experience our greatest selves.

When the words find themselves and reach paper, its’ like watching a dream being born. Words are powerful transformers. They open a doorway that gives access to a path to healing.
So now, I continue to write. I write music, columns for national publications, books, and most recently I began to write a series of children’s stories; “The Adventures of Josie Stardust”, named after my daughter.  They are calming stories of healing and empowerment for children: Stories that build self esteem, written for kids addressing the difficult issues of  grief, illness, and being afraid.  2020 has taught the world to perhaps expect the unexpected, and so many of us continue to struggle with the ramifications of a new normal.

Over 25 years ago I began researching the science behind spirituality and was driven to find language to describe my experiences. I explored neuroscience, parapsychology, thanantology and somatic studies to help me articulate my understandings of spiritual and subtle energy. I have studied with Benedictine Monks, Brazilian Shaman, Native American Medicine People, Maori Healers and Eastern Indian Saints. I experienced profound and life-changing experiences that opened my heart to love and compassion that I could never imagine: All of which have given me the insight and understanding that I share now.

At present, my private practice allows me to work virtually with individuals and groups globally, and quite soon we will resume in-person programming in hospitals, classrooms, clinics, retreats and workshops.

I listen to understand, and the work continues.

Raven Drum Foundation

Through a vision of reaching out to others with music and energy healing, founders Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe created the Raven Drum Foundation. From the very beginning events and workshops came from the desire to empower others through a meaningful shared experience of music and community. Programs were held in schools, parks, behind Rick’s drum kit and even on his tour bus.
The more their authentic work was shared, the more obvious it became that their unique approach in sharing wisdom and healing was so very needed in the community.

Project Resiliency

Project Resiliency is an initiative to inspire growth and transformative healing in veterans, individuals and families who are facing difficult life circumstances. Through wisdom sharing, experiential learning and community partnership building, we support others in finding balance and conscious well-being to continue growth and healing. Project Resiliency is co-founded by Lauren Monroe and Rick Allen.