Lauren Monroe Big Love Album CoverAuthentic.  Poetic.  Conscious.  Real.  Raw.   She wrote her first song at six.  She discovered the written word as a teenager;  creating her truly unique style of expressing mystical experiences through symbolic imagery and music.  Inspired by bluegrass, rock and rootsy R&B, Lauren soon wrote her first Americana-flavored compositions, and thus began the journey to performing as a vocalist, songwriter, and recording artist.

Born in Queens, New York, Lauren both found and developed her authentic expression through poetry and music…. She began performing acoustic in San Francisco, later moving to Boulder, Colorado and formed her band, Coy Kindred. The band toured the Western U.S.; playing its rugged blend of rock, blues and funk at festivals, theaters  saloons and bars.

Moved and inspired by artists such as Bonnie Raitt, Linda Ronstadt and Janis Joplin, surely some of the greatest women rockers ever….Lauren Monroe developed a style that producers, musicians and rock historians have compared to those legendary women of rock and blues….a sound and vocal quality that is a nod to raw, sawdust-on-the-floor honesty that, combined with the emotional and spiritual power of her performance, draws audiences in, invigorates and speaks to us on so many levels.

“I experience music as an activator for healing. The sounds, the phrasing, the tempos, the lyrics all can cultivate a connection to our soul. The songs I write often come through me as visual imagery. I’ve often said that If I could pinpoint a genre for myself I would call my work visual music.”

Her releases “Give” and “The Freedom Sessions” album cross over into the genres of Americana, Roots and Rock and feature Def Leppard drummer and producer Rick Allen and John “J.T.” Thomas, keyboardist with Bruce Hornsby.   Lauren is an advocate for Animal Rights and Social Justice, themes prevalent in her music, which has been featured in award winning independent films such as Wild Horses and Renegades, Spirit Riders and Horse Medicine.  The artist compilation CD “ To Unite All” features Monroe’s original music, and benefitted healing and peace in the middle east.   Artists Peter Gabriel, Stewart Copeland and Roger Waters also appear on the CD.


Lauren believes in using her artistic gift, her advocacy, her music, and her pedigree to have a social voice… to help….and to heal.

She, along with her rockstar husband, Rick Allen,  co-founded the Raven Drum Foundation and created the Project Resiliency’s Warrior Resiliency Program.  She teaches and facilitates mind body, drum workshops and empowerment drum circles.

“Music and healing have been the foundation of our relationship that  naturally carried into our work with Raven Drum Foundation, Project Resiliency and supporting people and communities recovering from crisis. It has never been a question of “if” we should live in the world together this way, only when and where.   Rick and I both have always felt that our life’s purpose together is to offer the most authentic expressions of who we are with the intention of awakening and strengthening others. The music flows from this dream. This is the dream that I’ve sung about since I was a child.” 

Lauren Monroe MA, LMT has been an empathic practitioner and teacher of energy healing since 1992. Her healing arts background includes specialized work with incarcerated teens, hospice care, and wounded soldiers returning from combat. She has studied and apprenticed with Christian Benedictine Monks, Tribal Healers of Brazil, Mexico, North America and New Zealand and has been a spiritual healer and guide for clients and students from around the world.

Lauren’s extraordinary voice, her significant message, and her healing soul grace recordings of Give, The Freedom Sessions, Oneness Chant, Raven Drum Circle and Chakra Chants.


“21 Ways To Resiliency”, a book Lauren authored in 2013 has touched the lives of so many, and made a significant impact on how we view and take control of our own personal path to healing.

21 Ways to Resiliency is an inspirational guide to empowerment supporting growth and connection through life’s changing times.

It is a book of healing that offers an introductory map of the paths you may take while climbing up into the steep unknown. How we ascend and arrive at the pinnacle of our own healing journey shapes who we are, how we grow, and ultimately how we become a resilient and happy person. 21 Ways to Resiliency is a launching pad for beginning again, rediscovering yourself and creating a new life after trauma.


“I wish I had guidelines like 21 Ways during the most difficult times in my life. Everyone can benefit from the insight in this book. It’s one of those books that you can pick up and read time after time to help you find inspiration and direction within yourself.”

~Rick Allen (Drummer, Def Leppard)

“When I suffered through my own trauma, I tried to do it alone and most of the time I was unsuccessful. This is the type of knowledge that I would have benefited from. It is so simple and clear in the messaging that it easily applies to anyone that has experienced trauma or difficult times in their own life. I now use this knowledge and share it with others I am trying to help.”

~ John Roberts
(evp. Warrior Relations. Wounded Warrior Project)


Lauren Monroe Big Love Album Cover



Upcoming Shows



Rick & Lauren Allen

Raven Drum Foundation
Through a vision of reaching out to others with music and energy healing, founders Rick Allen and Lauren Monroe created the Raven Drum Foundation. From the very beginning events and workshops came from the desire to empower others through a meaningful shared experience of music and community. Programs were held in schools, parks, behind Rick’s drum kit and even on his tour bus.

The more their authentic work was shared, the more obvious it became that their unique approach in sharing wisdom and healing was so very needed in the community.

Project Resiliency
Project Resiliency is an initiative to inspire growth and transformative healing in veterans, individuals and families who are facing difficult life circumstances. Through wisdom sharing, experiential learning and community partnership building, we support others in finding balance and conscious well-being to continue growth and healing. Project Resiliency is co-founded by Lauren Monroe and Rick Allen.

Organizations Served

Community Outreach

  • Scherer Institute of Natural Healing: Integrated Approach to Trauma Intervention Conference – NM
  • Lotus Project: Women Survivors of Abuse and Violence – CA
  • Rhythm is Cure Workshop with Allessandra Belloni
  • Haven House: Women Survivors of Abuse and Violence – CA
  • Earth Day Festival – CA
  • Chumash Interpretive Center – CA
  • Mercy Corp: Community Empowerment Post Katrina- New Orleans, LA
  • Big Heart Ranch Equine Therapy -CA
  • The Simonton Cancer Center – CA
  • Weston Park Hospital/Cancer Care -England
  • Scott Newman Center:Families Recovering from Violence and Substance Abuse. – CA

Youth Outreach

  • Empowerment Drum Series – Point Mugu Naval Base, CA
  • Drum Ensemble for At-Risk Youth – Haiti
  • Drum Ensemble for Incarcerated Teens – CA
  • Make a Wish Foundation – National
  • Drum Council for Incarcerated Teens – CA
  • Wisdom Keepers: Elder/Youth Mentorship
  • Malibu High School Special Needs – CA
  • Fogo Es Fuerza: Children’s Wellness – Monterrey, Mexico
  • Fogo es Fuerza Children’s Wellness – Saltillo, Mexico
  • Camp Kilpatrick Boys Detention Center – CA
  • Ventura County Juvenile Detention Center – CA
  • Children’s Lifesaving Foundation- CA
  • LA’s Best Enrichment Program, Unified School District – CA
  • Painted Turtle: Children with life threatening illness – CA

Veteran Outreach

  • Veteran Gathering – National
  • Veteran Resiliency Workshop – Malibu, CA
  • WomenVeterans Wild Horse Workshop – CA
  • WWP Couples Odysseys –  Malibu, CA
  • WWP Womens Odyssey – Santa Barbara, CA
  • Wounded Warrior Project Odyssey Retreat – Park City, UT
  • Los Angeles County Veteran Hopitols – CA
  • Pt. Mugu U.S. Navy Military Base – Oxnard, CA
  • Veteran Affairs Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center – Los Angeles, CA
  • Sepulveda Ambulatory Care Center, Vet Center Women’s Group – Los Angeles, CA
  • Audie L. Murphy Veterans Hospital – San Antonio, TX
  • New Mexico Women Veterans – New Mexico
  • Veteran Resiliency Week Retreat – Pacific Palisades, CA
  • Veteran Couples Reunion – Malibu, CA
  • Wounded Warrior Couples Odyssey – Malibu CA
  • Veteran Spouses Day Retreats – Malibu, CA
  • Veteran Gatherings Backstage Def Leppard – USA
  • Veteran Family Nights Def Leppard – USA
  • Wounded Warrior Womens Odyssey – Santa Barbara, CA
  • Wounded Warrior Odyssey Retreat – Park City, UT



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