Artworks available:


These very personal & self-reflective works begin with a healing session with Lauren.

Long Distance Healing works through a connection of the Healer and the Receiver in which the Healer uses their higher senses, intuition and clairvoyant gifts to remotely connect with the receivers emotional, physical and spiritual soul.

Long Distance healing sessions are scheduled interactive phone sessions 45-60 minutes in duration in which the healing work focuses on spiritual and emotional restoration and balancing.

Each session begins with an overview of one’s current health, and then gently transitions into guided meditation and visualizations in facilitating balance of the body, mind and spirit connections.

Laurens guidance assists clients in activating their own innate ability to access regenerative healing states. She uses her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, as she connects with her client’s soul and spiritual centers. As they work together in observing any obstacles of healing, Lauren incorporates breathwork, visualization and music guiding the client through deep shifts in awareness and body mind spirit connections that have caused stagnation or inflammation. This work encourages a tangible calming effect aligning the mind and heart into a state of brain heart coherence. In this state clients can feel a significant shift out of mental and emotional patterns of suffering and can recognize new perspectives and energy patterns that support long term healing effects.
Following the phone session. Lauren creates a healing piece of art using the color palette of your unique energy colors perceived during the session: creating a one of a kind acrylic on canvas artwork. It is truly a continuation of the healing and restorative work: holding forever the sacred intentions of one’s personal healing.
Your artwork is a unique and beautiful interpretation of your highest spiritual self, a powerful reminder of your souls’ everlasting connection to healing.

Sessions with Lauren are always created in a sacred and private space.  The works are non-denominational and embrace all religious faiths and belief systems.
Each magnificent artwork is authenticated and accompanied by a personal hand- written message and signature dedication by The Artist.  It is a magnificent, loving gift to oneself, and also for those that you hold dear.