At this moment, we are all standing on the precipice of change: A change that has the potential to move us into a deep and powerful time of growth and unification.

In my lifetime, I can’t remember a time that has been so culturally and spiritually divided, and I have been called to take action and lead with compassion, with words, and with music.

I’ve been a spiritual person since childhood and have a strong and authentic connection with the unseen world. Divine Energy has always been very much a part of my experience of our world.

These childhood experiences have set the stage for my evolution as an artist and a teacher. I am now sharing those experiences with the world along with my life long studies of healing. I’m hoping to awaken hearts, ease suffering, and activate the souls of others who are ready to create powerful change.

I am an empathic healer. Throughout my life, I’ve used these gifts in many different ways to help others who are in pain and in need of guidance and healing.

Through Music, Body Work, Energy Healing and Teaching, I have served thousands of people in need, but there is so much more work to do.

Right now, I am creating events and experiences where all of us can be moved, healed, and activated by words, music and deep spiritual healing.

I’ve come so far. The 6 year old girl writing songs with her first guitar and performing for the neighborhood on her backyard picnic table sang out the same message as I do today.

Grace is ever present, divine love surrounds us and we are powerfully one.

Each and everyday I continue sharing this message through my music, through my writing and through my teaching.

In the days and months ahead I’ll be offering the message and experience of change so we can plant seeds, lead with love and expand awareness and I need you all to be a part. If you feel called to healing and believe we can create a new territories of awakening through the arts, please stay connected. Together, we can create a profound experience where people can heal through music and love the most powerful medicines known to humanity.