Join us for a magical evening in the majestic Carmel Valley at the Folk Tale Winery. It will be a night for the soul and the senses surrounded by vineyards, Italian string lighting and heartfelt community connection with glasses filled with wine and spectacular live music.

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Event: Webinar – Mindfulness Acceptance Workshop – August 30th

The art of acceptance is is a gift of freedom. It is a skill that with practice can change your perspectives on not only yourself but of others around you. Acceptance frees us from our own limiting perceptions and allows us to connect deeply to others and with this experience a person can move into a profound place of compassion and love for themselves and for the world.

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Four Focus Points for Activation: Acceptance

You’ve taken the first two steps to activating your power. You’ve made time to sit in awareness and let the worlds – both inner and outer – pass through you, and you’ve chosen where to focus your attention. Simply by practicing awareness and focusing your attention, you’re gaining power over yourself and over your reality.

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